First week of remote instruction? Done! There is no better moment to witness how I interacted with the now-restricted world around me.
My mixed-media smorgasbord included:

  • self-kindness,
    a power I need, to keep moving in and out of fear, anger, and disappointment.
  • a podcast,
    Social Work Researcher Brené Brown’s brand-new Unlocking Us, with Glennon Doyle as the guest of honor. Just so you know, Brené Brown is my goddess of self-actualization.
  • a new recipe,
    the very first bread I’ve made. Fresh out of my friend’s blog!
  • a book to go back to,
    Pema Chödrön’s « Practicing Peace in Times of War », and especially the chapter « The courage to wait »: « (…) behind any kind of tension, there is always a soft spot that we’re trying to protect. Someone’s actions hurt our feelings and before we even notice what we’re doing, we armor ourselves in a very old and familiar way. So we can either let go of our solid story line and connect with that soft spot or we can continue to stubbornly hold on, which means that the suffering will continue. »
  • a feel good non-dumb movie,
    because my brain deserves to be treated well. Rewatching The King’s Speech, currently on Netflix. I’ll go all vulnerable here (see very first bullet point on self-kindness) and will tell you that I actually fell asleep half way. — but it has nothing to do with the quality of the movie. I’m just exhausted these days!
  • a poem,
    Keeping Quiet, Pablo Neruda.
  • a validating article,
    from the Harvard Business Review: That discomfort you’re feeling is grief.

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